IBM Payments
SCI’s initial engagement with IBM in 1990 was with the IBM Payments group. For approximately three decades, SCI has worked closely with this organization to design and develop software. SCI has also provided Level 2 and Level 3 support for this IBM organization.

IBM Global Services
SCI enjoys a strong relationship with IBM Global Services. Our senior level consultants have worked with the IBM organization for multiple years and have completed many successful installations in North American and Europe.

IBM Software Services Commerce Group
In 2017, SCI became a direct supplier to the SWG ISS Commerce Group.

Microsoft and SCI established their business partnership in 2006, and SCI is currently utilizing the latest Microsoft technologies in several of the company’s software development initiatives.

SCI is a member of Nacha’s Affiliate Program.

SCI is a corporate member of Bank Administration Institute.

IBM Partner World
SCI is a software developer partner in several areas within IBM.

SCI is a Sponsoring Organization of ECCHO, the Electronic Check Clearing House Organization, which created and maintains rules that govern private sector check image exchange for its members.

SCI, working with OrboGraph, has designed an interface – Financial Transaction Manager – OrboAnywhere (FTM/OAW) – to address a wide range of needs across omni-channels where check and paper-originated items are deposited and processed.

In 2011, the leadership team of SCI created a new company – SCI Fusion360. Fusion360 is a Charlotte-based software services company whose focus is on addressing the current shortcomings of software development.  The company provides outsourced software development and related services.

Comments from SCI Business Partners
  • SCI is a valued business partner.
  • We have enjoyed our business partnership with SCI for many years.
  • SCI brings real value to our partnership.
Comments from SCI Clients
  • SCI played a significant role in our latest acquisition.
  • I view SCI consultants as key members of my team.
  • Historically, SCI has supplied us with excellent technical and project management resources.