Our SCI Resource Center

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our resource center, now is a good time. We recently added three additional resources to the center, including the Real-Time payments playbooks for both Operations and Technology. Our Resource Center provides a reservoir of information related to IBM’s Financial Transaction Manager (FTM) suite of products and…

All About ACH Payments

It wasn’t long ago that paying bills or getting a paycheck meant waiting for a check to move through the mail system. Nowadays, many of these payments happen online through an electronic network called the Automated Clearing House or ACH.

Same Day ACH: Moving Payments Faster (Phase 3)

New capabilities of Same Day ACH become effective over three phases to allow financial institutions and businesses to acclimate to a faster processing environment, as well as to ease the implementation effort. Beginning March 16, 2018, RDFIs will be mandated to make funds available from same day ACH credits (such as payroll Direct Deposits) to their depositors by 5:00 PM at the RDFI’s local time.