FTM Solutions bring Data, AI, and Cloud Technologies together

FTM Digital payments is now available to be deployed on multiple cloud-based platforms, including Microsoft Azure and the IBM Cloud. FTM Digital Payments leverages Red Hat OpenShift, one of the leading Kubernetes container application platforms, and the foundation of IBM’s Hybrid cloud strategy. As a result, FTM Digital Payments can now be deployed on banks’ and financial institutions’ hybrid cloud environments.

FTM Digital Payments is designed to give users greater control and consistent management of transactions across increasingly diverse cloud environments. The platform also provides integrated analytics and modeling so users can gain insights into payment trends and patterns that allow them to better understand and respond to customer behaviors.

FTM Solutions bring Data, AI, and cloud technologies together to help banks change the way money moves as institutions respond to ever-changing client expectations of service and industry regulatory mandates via multiple payment schemes and payment rails.