SCI has in-depth knowledge of, and experience with, IBM’s Financial Transaction Manager (FTM) suite of applications. In addition, we have decades of experience with IBM Payment Systems offerings and platforms, including architecture, design, development, integration, installation, and support.

IBM’s Professional Services Provider

As IBM’s recommended professional services provider for many of the FTM and Payments Director suite of applications, SCI is uniquely positioned to integrate these solutions for our clients.

Specific FTM Applications that SCI Integrates

FTM ACH Services
Supports the processing of ACH transactions, including ingestion, validation, transaction management, and distribution.

FTM Check Services
Supports the renovation, replacement, and renewal of legacy check processing systems.

FTM Corporate Payment Services
Supports large volumes of corporate payments.

FTM Payments Gateway
Receives and stores payment information within a PCI compliant vault.

FTM Immediate Payments
Adds the capability to process outgoing or incoming Immediate Payments.

FTM SEPA Services
Provides a robust and scalable platform to handle large volumes of SEPA transactions.

FTM SWIFT Business Services
Supports real-time processing and workflow-oriented SWIFT message-related services.

FTM UK Payments Integration
Provides pre-built United Kingdom Payment scheme mappers to and from the FTM internal standard format.