A Mapper is a runtime component used by IBM’s Financial Transaction Manager (FTM) to transform data that is received from an external source to FTM’s internal format (inbound Mapper). It also can be used to transform from FTM’s internal format before it is sent to an external destination (outbound Mapper).

Today there are a proliferation of messaging standards and formats varying by region, country, and business functions. These formats include SWIFT MT, SWIFT MX, EDI, ISO20022, and CHAPS, with country-specific and bank-specific formats. Exchanging data in these formats can lead to complex architectures that contain transformations that present many challenges. FTM simplifies these architecture challenges by utilizing an internal standard format (ISF) based on the ISO20022 standard.

SCI provides full life-cycle Mapper development, including design, development, testing, support, and maintenance.  Mappers are developed using ESQL and WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX).

SCI has developed hundreds of Mappers for FTM integration, including the following types:

  • Standard Mappers for


  • Custom Mappers