OrboAnywhere drives operational efficiencies, reduces fraud losses, mitigates compliance and regulatory risks, improves quality, reduces labor, and lowers IT costs.

The SCI Financial Transaction Manager – OrboAnywhere Interface (FTM/OAW) provides a platform to integrate OrboGraph software into multiple FTM components including:

  • Gateway – capture applications including teller, branch, regional, or centralized)
  • Duplicate Detect – utilizing OrboAnywhere as a fully functional on-us fraud prevention application

Proven to Reduce Operating Costs and Fraud Losses

Combining divergent amount recognition and image analysis technologies, along with the power of IBM’s FTM, provides real value to our clients. These systems have proven to reduce operating costs and fraud losses by as much as 50%.

Our FTM/OWA interface was designed to address a wide range of needs across Omni-channels where check and paper-originated items are deposited and processed.