Fusion360 is a new breed of software company. Fusion360 is a Charlotte based contract software development company, created by SCI in 2011, that is structured to optimize the development process and provide our clients with cost effective solutions. Key differentiators include our staffing model and methodology. Clients using Fusion360 have access to innovative development, teaming, and management methodologies that provide project flexibility while lowering risks and decreasing overall project costs. Fusion360 ensures success by applying its decades of software development and project management experience to the dynamic IT environment of today.

Optimizing the Software Development Process

Fusion360 offers an extensive range of architecture, design, development, and programming services that range from the simplest of applications to the most demanding multilevel, real-time applications. We work with our clients to clearly define development objectives and deliver cost-effective solutions.

Our location, staffing, and structure allow us to optimize the software development process and exploit the traditional weaknesses of offshore development including: time zone differences, communication skills, culture, and frequent turnover. Fusion360 is extremely cost-competitive with both onshore and offshore providers. We are able to provide operational efficiencies and low costs, while also delivering on time with high quality. Whether the need is supplemental, application, component, or maintenance development, Fusion360 delivers a cost competitive solution while mitigating project risks.

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