Industry-Proven Process for Successful Project Life Cycle Management

SCI’s Sunrise Study is a systematic approach of project planning, high-level design, and integration strategies designed specifically for the implementation of IBM’s Financial Transaction Manager solutions. Developed to help customers plan and organize major projects, the Sunrise Methodology is an industry-proven process for successful project life cycle management.

  • Detailed analysis of current environment and processes is performed.
  • Any limitations are identified and documented.
  • Processes requiring Gap analysis are identified.
  • Overall blueprint for FTM solution is developed.
  • Project requirements are identified and documented.
  • Implementation strategies are developed.
  • Comprehensive documentation is provided.

Sunrise Project Planning & Research (PP&R)
In this initial phase of the methodology, SCI works closely with clients to document, in detail, every aspect of their current environment that will be converted or migrated to the target environment. SCI then develops the target or deployment environment and all supporting information required.

Sunrise Initial Detail Design (DD)
Building on the Sunrise PP&R, the initial Detail Design phase does a “deep dive” into the migration or conversion activities. Legacy processes are mapped to the target processes, and all file/record conversions are covered in detail. Essentially, the resulting Detail Design document provides SCI’s clients with a roadmap to their target environment.

Projects that have employed SCI and the Sunrise methodology have been successful, as our clients can remain focused on their day-to-day activities while we assist them in developing an effective migration or conversion project plan.

Comments from Frost National Bank

“When Frost Bank began thinking about replacing our current check processing platform, we engaged SCI to assist in the planning phase of the project. SCI’s team of professionals systematically went through our conversion plan, using their Sunrise Methodology to identify critical components of each phase. The detail plan, timeline, and identified responsibilities that came out of the Sunrise study was critical to the success of our migration to the new platform.”
Andrew L. Wied
Executive Vice President